Monday, October 25, 2010

Bottom’s Up!

“If you find me bottom up in the garden; you’ll know I died happy”. This was a statement made recently in a totally casual, matter of fact way by my garden-loving Mum, now 82 (and yes she is an English Mum not an American Mom). She has no intention of going anywhere anytime soon especially as she still has compost to shovel, containers to replant for winter and the greenhouse to clean in readiness for next spring and her annual propagating frenzy. The point is she loves to be in the garden and can’t imagine a life without it and I have to admit I agree with her.

There are always more plants to try, more things to learn and more rabbits to swear at…

My comment to my husband when we moved to this 5 acre property in Duvall last year was “That’s it; I’m not moving ever again! Just use me as rose fertilizer”. Same principle really. I’m happy, let me play.

If you feel the same way, you’ve found the right blog. Welcome to my gardening adventures.

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