Sunday, December 12, 2010

Monrovia's hot new plants - Part 1

Monrovia is one of the leading growers and suppliers of high quality plants in North America. Famed global plant explorer Dan Hinkley teamed up with Monrovia several years ago to select rare and unusual varieties to be propagated, tested and made widely available to the plant-hungry gardeners nationwide!

Kiwi Sheen Fuchsia
I have just spent an hour poring over their latest catalog marking all the plants I wanted to highlight for you. In fact there are so many, I am going to break this down into two parts! This post is just about a few of those plants which are exclusive to Monrovia. You can see the full list on their website.

Kiwi Sheen Fuchsia. Zone 8-12. Selected by Dan Hinkley for its rosy red metallic foliage, this superb tree fuchsia is from New Zealand. In dappled shade it will grow 10’ x 10’. Wow.

Fuchsia 'Windcliff Flurry'

Windcliff Flurry Fuchsia. Zone 7-9. Exceptional display of purple and red flowers on this 6’ tall and wide shrub. This winter hardy variety prefers sun or part shade and will attract hummingbirds for many months due to its long flowering cycle.
Angel Red Pomegranate

Angel Red Pomegranate. Zone 7-11. A new variety with lots to offer. Ripens earlier and has more anti-oxidant juice than other varieties and the seeds have a soft texture so can be eaten along with the pulp. 15’ tall.

Yellow Doodle Dandy Itoh Peony

Yellow Doodle Dandy Itoh Peony. Gardeners are clamoring for Itoh peonies; a cross between a tree peony and an herbaceous peony. Monrovia has four exclusive varieties of which Yellow Doodle Dandy is one. The fragrant blooms span 7-8” and are held high on strong stems over foliage which lasts well into fall. 3’ tall and wide. Deer resistant too.

Personally when I read that something is ‘high quality’ I immediately equate that with ‘high price’. I was therefore particularly impressed to read that Monrovia is offering more of their plants in a quart and one gallon size. That means we don’t have to compromise on quality or quantity to stay on budget, we just need to have a little patience!

Top nurseries carry Monrovia products. For those of you in the Seattle area, Molbaks has an exclusive Monrovia display to help you find these beauties easily. Write up your wish list then email your nursery telling them what you want next spring! Any yes you can blame it on me……….

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