Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Watch out for the dragons.....

Curious windows and doors in the hobbit house
Hidden amongst the grand, sophisticated estates in Preston Hollow, Dallas is a garden of pure fantasy. Walk across the drawbridge to cross a moat and pass through handmade ornate gates to a Tolkien-inspired world of fairy glens, hidden passageways and hobbit sized doors.

You are being watched....
Winding paths carve mysterious trails through the woods to the magical stone hobbit house where gargoyles peer down to see that no dragons sneak up on Bilbo Baggins and his friends.

Few flowers adorn these lushly planted gardens which rely on privet and other hardy trees and shrubs, chosen for their ability to screen this world from the outside. A murky pond provides the perfect hiding place for Gollum while woodcarvings remind us to watch and listen for the ents in Tolkien’s classic tale.

Overgrown vines and trees add a sense of mystery to the pond
Trees or ents? 
Explore if you dare
To walk these mossy paths in the wooded silence is to embark on a magical journey. Landscape architect Rosa Finsley fulfilled her client’s fantasy of creating this imaginative garden for their grandchildren and in doing so allowed 'grown ups' to remember how to play make-believe.

I had the opportunity to explore this whimsical garden on a recent tour with the Garden Writers Association. You can read more about the creation of this masterpiece here
Perhaps this will awaken the creative spirit within you to design an enchanted garden where your children and grandchildren can chase dragons away and good always triumphs over evil.

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