Sunday, January 2, 2011

Frosty Silhouettes

                           "Someone painted pictures on my
                           Windowpane last night --
                           Willow trees with trailing boughs
                           And flowers, frosty white,

                           And lovely crystal butterflies;
                           But when the morning sun
                           Touched them with its golden beams,
                           They vanished one by one."
Helen Bayley Davis, Jack Frost

A seasonal pond backed by alders and conifers offers many layers of winter interest
There is something almost ethereal about a frost-kissed landscape.

Leucothoe 'Rainbow' - an invaluable evergreen shrub.

Each jagged crystal of ice becomes a tiny prism which refracts light, making even the dullest plants sparkle. The colors of foliage and flowers become more vivid when seen through the glistening white crystals and their silhouettes better appreciated when traced with frost. Even weeds seem beautiful!

The world was silent and still as I crunched across the frozen snow early one morning. Viewing the garden through the lens of my camera reminded me to recognize the value of simple shapes in the winter landscape.

Grasses provide vertical interest;
even when they are the invasive Reed Canary Grass!

When the world is stripped down to bare bones, its skeleton gleams when encrusted with ice. 
Pieris 'Variegata'
Nature is a wonderful artist.

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