Wednesday, June 29, 2011

2011 New Introductions from Brigg's Nursery

I’m always on the lookout for new plants, especially when they have been grown by highly regarded nurseries. Briggs Plant Propagators, based in WA State, has been working with hybridizers worldwide since 1912 to supply nurseries with top quality plants. Take a look at this sample of 2011 introductions.

Agapanthus x 'Summer skies'

Agapanthus x ‘Summer skies’ (also known as African lily) was selected from tens of thousands of Headbourne hybrids. Large clusters of sky blue flowers, each accented with a midnight blue center stripe, explode from strong stems like fireworks. Pest free, drought tolerant, the basal clump of foliage grows to a tidy 2’ x 2’ with the flower spikes taking the height to 3’ in summer. Hardy to zone 7 these are suitable for massing in the landscape or using in containers. Gorgeous.

'Native blue' blueberry; a new evergreen variety

Blueberry ‘Native Blue’ (Vaccinium darrowii) brings us an outstanding evergreen blueberry in a compact size. At just 2’ x 2’ everyone will have room for at least one of these bushes. Their ornamental value alone makes them worthy of a space; pastel pink new foliage turning glaucous blue and white bell shaped spring flowers followed by masses of small, semi-sweet fruit (try and beat the birds to at least a few).  Grow them as a low hedge or as a container specimen. Hardy to zone 7, this variety is especially heat tolerant in the southern States.
The color of this Aloe intensifies in sun

Purple aloe (Yucca aloifolia ‘Purpurea’) grabbed my attention with its dusky purple foliage. Even better it is hardy to zone 6, deer resistant and although drought tolerant it will also cope with wet areas. Excellent credentials for my garden for sure. A good alternative to Cordyline, this variety will grow 2’ in 10 years with waxy, white flowers taking this to 6’ in summer.

Tempted? Hunt them down at your local nurseries.

 Photos courtesy of Briggs Plant Propagators

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