Saturday, June 25, 2011

Duvall’s Garden Celebration – where flowers and friends meet.

Duvall is just a small town in the Snoqualmie Valley, WA. You’ll have driven through it by the time you say “double tall non-fat latte with a smidgen of hazelnut and no foam”. That doesn’t mean we can’t think BIG though! Thanks to the tireless organizing by resident and local designer Kirsten Lints of Gardens Design Alive and support from the Duvall Chamber of Commerce we are going to host our very first  Garden Celebration.

At 10am on Saturday July 9th I’ll be starting the day with a demonstration style seminar at one of our top local nurseries. I’ve set aside two gorgeous pots with very different ‘personalities’ to get your creative juices flowing! I’ll also be demonstrating how to set up a simple drip irrigation system for all your container gardens and baskets – no more watering by flashlight. Come and join me for some fun.

Then it’s time to tour eight wonderful private gardens in the Valley, many opened to the public for the very first time. From historic farmsteads to hidden forest retreats and views of Mount Rainier, be sure to bring your camera to capture new ideas, inspirational moments and innovative solutions to common gardening challenges.

The children aren’t forgotten either. There are kids activities planned at various locations throughout the day. There's even a burrito treasure hunt at one garden! Be sure to combine those fun adventures with the simple pleasures of smelling fragrant blooms, watching hummingbirds and looking for ladybugs. Sometimes we need the children to slow us down long enough to appreciate not just the dry river bed but that one heart shaped rock at its edge.

Finally you have the opportunity to enjoy the container garden competition. Businesses in Duvall have sponsored local designers and nurseries to create a unique container garden and you get to vote for your favorite. So grab that gourmet coffee or ice cream treat and wander along Main Street enjoying all the artistic creations. You’ll be inspired to try new things.

Tickets are only $5 and are available at True Value Hardware in Duvall from July 7th onwards. Full details of all the events are on the Duvall Chamber of Commerce website.

So what about those of you who don’t live in the Seattle area? I hope this inspires you to join a local community garden tour. Check out garden club websites and nurseries for details. Or perhaps you need to step out as Kirsten did and put something like this together for your own community.

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