Wednesday, October 5, 2011


As summer wanes, the air becomes crisp, lighter somehow. There comes an indefinable change – the fragrance of fall. Robins return, strutting across the grass, heads cocked, patiently waiting to pluck the unsuspecting worm from its home. 

Slugs become more active (did they ever stop?), laying eggs for next year’s population explosion. 

Apples fall, the last of the tomatoes ripen on the vines and whispering leaves begin their gentle journey to the ground in their annual colorful ballet. Even the birds seem to sing a new song.

And then comes the rain. There’s beauty in the rain. Our attention is focused, our senses heightened. Leaves glisten as though coated with thick gloss from an artists brush. 

Fern fronds, opened to the sky, capture their watery sustenance.   

Otherwise tranquil pools become abstract works of art as ripples distort reflections of surrounding trees.

Even when the clouds briefly leave the skies we try to emulate these mesmerizing patterns by etching contours in the sand.

A new season begins.


  1. What a lovely post...calming & soothing...just what I needed on a MANIC!!!!! Sunday x

  2. Thank you Jane - I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Every so often I include these 'quieter' posts for just that reason. We all need to give ourselves permission to simply pause and appreciate Nature's beauty - rather than trying to change and 'improve' it. You might also enjoy .Breathe!!

  3. HAHA!! Off to check that one out too!!x


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